Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Ten-Step Guide To Training Your Telemarketing Employee

The Ten-Step Guide To Training Your Telemarketing Employee
When it comes to training of employees, a lot of managers these days are not really that good with that task. This is why professional business trainers are needed (and paid for) are so much in demand.
Still, it would be way much better if you could do the training of your telemarketing team
You know just how important it is to share with your people your vision of the future, as well as the importance of their role of generating B2B leads. How you manage your team is very important, since this will define how successful you are in the end.
And here are ten steps for you to follow:
  1. Ask and listen

    When you talk to your people in training, you should first refrain from telling them what is on your mind. Rather, ask them how they see their work, what they think about their performance.

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  2. Give some feedback

    Once you have let your employee speak up, now is the time for you to tell them how you think they should have done their
    appointment setting work.

  3. Seek agreement between the two of you

    Normally, your opinion and your employee’s opinion on performance would be different. Your job, at this point, is to smoothen out these wrinkles and get an agreement.

  4. Remove stumbling blocks

    Once you have agreed on a specific problem to be solved, you should ask your agent to come up with solutions to his problem, the kind that will make him work better in
    B2B lead generation.

  5. Give them your solution

    At this point, you can tell your employee about their own solution to the problem. It may be different to what he had in mind, but at least you can provide them with an alternative.

  6. Iron out the details

    Usually, you would merge both your solutions. When that happens, you should make it a point to iron out the details. In this way, both of you would have a fairly good idea on what you should be doing right.

  7. Test it out

    After drafting the initial plan, which is a good time to test the process, see what works and what not works. In this way, you can fine-tune it to fit the way you wanted to achieve your
    sales leads goals.

  8. Put it into effect

    You would probably have enough data and had put on the final touches to perfect it. This is the point where you can implement the changes on a wider scale in work.

  9. Boost morale

    It is possible that, even at this point, a few more bumps will still stay. It is your job to encourage your employee and let him know that you believe in his ability to succeed.

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  10. Follow-up

    After a certain amount of time, you should recheck the performance of your employee.  By this time, the changes you have implemented would be noticeable. This is also the time to know whether the improvements you have implemented truly worked, or if it needs more improvements.
Take note of these tips, and you will not be having training problems anymore in your B2B appointment setting campaigns.


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